Ventura County Wedding Musician – Harpist

Ventura County Wedding Musician

Ventura County Wedding Musician: Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! Doesn’t begin to describe the gorgeous, intimate and accommodating environment at Eden Gardens. Surrounding the fountain laden pond are the numerous inlets idyllic for ceremonies, cocktails and conversations. Each cove has a perfect patio area adjoining it and remains wonderfully tranquil because of the layered plant life. Eden Gardens has the wedding experience down to a science. Well-timed and precise, they leave little to chance which helps with the  overall magic!

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Janet made for a gorgeous bride and Liam, a most handsome groom. Liam credited Janet for making him a better person, moving him towards greater responsibility in everyday matters.  I loved being the Ventura County wedding musician on the sidelines, watching them and listening to the endearing compliments each had for the other. He promised to continue to make her chocolate pancakes and to clean out the fridge. More importantly, he promised to be fully committed and engaged in the marriage to come. Janet said she never wanted to get married until she met Liam. Time spent with him has changed all of that! Janet is a huge fan of guacamole, so when she called Liam the “guacamole to her chips,” Liam beamed with so much appreciation. It was truly a sentimental and emotional moment. Together, they made up such a fun and gregarious couple. 


I need to give a shout out to the amazing vendors I worked with! Huge kudos to DJ Matt Nasby for making us all sound good! So frequently, I’ll work with DJs who don’t appreciate the need for collaboration for a wedding experience. However, Matt was wonderful because he helped me sound so good on his system. He dialed in the volume, the eq parameters as well as the reverb for both pre-ceremony music and the processional songs. He made me sound so good!

Beauty and the Beast - Harp

Sweet Child of Mine - Harp

This was the song they selected for the wedding recessional. I love it! I had to interrupt the video for a moment to allow for the officiant to give some instruction for the wedding guests, but I picked it right back up into the second part of the song. So fun!!!


Wedding Officiant, Octavio, did a great job in both English and Spanish. He was articulate and endearing throughout his message, able to capture just they right comments from Janet and Liam in the ceremony. Great job, Octavio! Oh, you can hear some of his message on the video.


This wedding was lucky enough to have two coordinators – Connie Chow from Connie Chow Weddings + Events and Soltana Mulhearn from Velvet Alley Events. Connie doubled as the Matron of Honor, so Janet had Soltana coordinate their efforts. Both were exceptional in their work. Well organized and encouraging to work with, they made the entire wedding go without a hitch! I don’t think I can emphasize enough the value of a solid wedding coordinator to make the event go seamless. They made it happen! It’s always encouraging to work with such talented vendors who desire to see you do well!

So much was happening throughout the event to make it so enjoyable. Caricature Artist, Nick, captured the moment for so many, as he sketched caricatures throughout the evening. Tommy Su created photographic magic for folks at the reception and cocktail hour with his fun photo booth. 

VeeRonna - Ventura County Wedding Musician

VeeRonna - Ventura County Wedding Musician

Special thanks to a phenomenal team!

Wedding Planner and Coordinator Connie Chow Weddings + Events | MC/DJ Matt Nasby from Bouquet Sound | Venue Kay Nielsen from Eden Gardens Weddings of Moorpark | Venue Coordinators Soltana Mulhearn and Alix from Velvet Alley Events | Officiant Octavio Quilinchini from Great Officiants​ | Photographer Joseph Anthony, Brandon Figueroa, Lighting Assistant and Rebekka Ramirez from Lin & Jirsa Photography  | Cinematographer Robert Michael Schweiger and Cinematographer Assistant from Robert Michael Films |   Photo Booth Tommy Su and Brenda Khuu from Bobalife | Hair & Makeup George and Jose from Mane Retreat | Gown Lovella Bridal | Tux Men’s Wearhouse  | Florist Chantal Dodson from Garden Florist | Caterer Melanie Lavallee from Command Performance Catering Group | Cake Artist Amanda from Bread Basket Cake Company  | Hotel Preparation Kelsea Sutton from Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites | Caricature Taylor Wasserman and Nick Smith from Taylor Entertainment Inc | Security Steve Schultze and Jeanette Demo from Sandman Security | Valet Steve Flores, Jeff Price, David and Ryan Petakoff from Premiere Valet Service #JLmagicalnight