malibou lake harpist

malibu lake harpist

malibu lake harpist

Malibou Lake Harpist

Visiting Malibou Lake is like taking a journey back to an era with rustic lake houses with functional wooden decks perfect for rocking chairs positioned just right to behold the pristine views. With its “hipster” upgrades, the rustic setting remains, yet it has all the amenities to make for a great wedding and reception spot. Add a Malibou Lake harpist, and we’ve got ourselves a party!

The wedding ceremony was intimate and stirring, and the “Day Of” Coordinator, Anastasia Jove, did a great job of piecing an amazing day together. Kudos to all of the staff for making this happen. It was an honor for me to be their harpist on this most glorious of days!

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Harp Ceremony Music Selections

Family Entrance: Somewhere in Time

Bridal Party Entrance: A Thousand Years

Communion: In Christ Alone

Recessional: I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)


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Guest Book

Seating Assignments

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malibu lake harpist

About the couple –

The first time Jordan laid her eyes upon Andrew was while he was walking across the room during a youth group event held at their church. 

“That’s the man I’m going to marry.” Jordan thought to herself. Catching herself, she shook her head and thought, “That’s weird!”

Jordan was only 16.

Over the years, Andrew and Jordan came to admire and appreciate one another, so much so that Andrew approached Jordan’s dad to see if they could date as a couple. Jordan’s dad responded, “No. She’s too young.” At another time, Andrew persisted, and Jordan’s dad again denied the request. Respectfully, Andrew stayed back and honored the family’s decision. 

The two families attended the same church and when Jordan and Andrew went on a short term mission together, they discovered an even greater appreciation for one another, especially in light of both having such compassion towards others around them. They made a great couple!


Malibou Lake Harp

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Malibu Lake Harp

Malibu Lake Cocktail Hour

Malibu Lake Cocktail Hour

Malibu Lake Cocktail Hour