Ventura Wedding Musician

Ventura Wedding Musician

The Pierpont Inn idyllically sits between Ventura’s quaint downtown setting and the beach. Nestled throughout the resort are garden features that promote picturesque environments for wedding ceremonies. As a Ventura wedding musician, I sometimes can be confronted with the reality of inclement weather and think in the best interest of my harp and my sound equipment. Just as I pulled up to unload, it started to rain… really hard. The rose garden looked beautiful! It also looked beautifully wet!

Fortunately, we had the benefit of a realistic bride and an on-the-ball wedding coordinator. You might be surprised with how many stressed-out brides and coordinators I’ve worked with who insisted on having their ceremonies in the rain. Crazy, right?

The wedding was gorgeous, and I had the privilege to join musical forces with one of LA\’s most versatile guitarists, Basil Fung. I love playing harp together with him!


So, we moved inside and had a wonderful ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. The unintended advantage was that we we’re able to play longer in the one area. People stuck around, savoring the music and relational experience, which is one of the most delightful things about being a Ventura wedding musician.

Canon in D by Pachelbel - Harp and Guitar

Photograph by Ed Sheeran - Harp and Guitar

Oceans - Harp and Guitar