The Power of Music

Yes, you already know that I perform as a solo harpist and as a part of a band, but did you know that I also have the honor of playing for people who are in hospice inpatient, skilled nursing, and cancer treatment facilities?

A few days ago I was in a skilled nursing facility and played for a very sweet lady. Just six months ago she had a stroke which left her a mess-she required total care and was no longer able to speak. I was told by the head caregiver that she LOVED hymns. “Good to know since I love playing people’s favorite songs,” I thought, so I moved over by her and played some well known hymns. I started playing ‘In the Garden,’ and within seconds this lady who couldn’t as much as say hello began to SING with me-like the words and everything. Her beautiful brown eyes lit up as we sang a handful of hymns together, and it was all I could do to keep from crying. This was one of those unforgettable life changing moments for me. I don’t think I can explain it, but there’s just something so powerful about music-something felt at a heart level!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has seen this sort of thing. Have you ever witness something like this?