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Agoura Hills Harpist

I had so much fun playing harp at a secluded and gorgeous venue in Agoura Hills yesterday. I love living nearby and being an LA Wedding harpist! Tucked away in one of the numerous hidden valleys found within the Santa Monica mountains is Lobo Castle. It’s an intimate venue well known for its “foodie” vibe. Denise, the chef, has insisted on exceptional and creative food choices for each and every wedding and event. 

The view from the balcony was breath-taking, and the oceanic breeze from Malibu to the south was refreshing. I ended up playing on the balcony overlooking the ceremony. This was a bit challenging due to the fact that I was relying upon the wedding coordinator for all of my cues. Fortunately, I was working with a pro. Pauline did a great job cuing me every step of the way. whew! Everything went without a hitch. It’s amazing how much coordination goes into a wedding, but when working with pros, they make it look effortless.

Lobo Castle

Lobo Castle Harpist

Harp for Prelude and Ceremony

Kevin and Danielle made for the storybook groom and bride, and the Agoura Hills setting certainly contributed! Both love Disney, so the requests for the ceremony music include a mix of Disney themed songs:


Come What May

I see the Light (Tangled)

Beauty an the Beast

Everything I Do, I Do It for You

When You Wish upon a Star 

Castle on a Cloud

Here Comes the Sun

Part of Your World (Little Mermaid)

Love Me Tender

On My Own

Once upon a Dream


Bridal Party’s Entrance: Marry Me (Train)

Bride’s Entrance: Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars

Recessional: Here Comes the Sun (Beatles)

LA Wedding Harpist

Lobo Castle Ceremony

Lobo Castle Ceremony

Harp for Cocktail Hour

I often play the cocktail hour as well. Here I get to let my hair down, so to speak, and do what I love to do… play awesome standards in creative ways. Sometimes I’ll bring my looper pedal or play with background rhythms. I also like to mess around with tracks as well should the bride and groom want something fuller than a solo instrument.

Cocktail Hour:


Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Fly Me to the Moon


From this Moment

My Heart will Go On

Over the Rainbow 

Stairway to Heaven

Unchained Melody

The Way You Look Tonight

Young and Beautiful

Love Me Tender

Can You Feel the Love Tonight 

Let It Be 

Agoura Hills Harpist

Agoura Hills Harpist
LA Wedding Harpist
LA Wedding Harpist
LA Wedding Harpist
LA Wedding Harpist
LA Wedding Harpist
LA Wedding Harpist