Cocktail Hour Just Got Exciting!

The Cocktail hour is that intermediate time where the bridal party and family members are finalizing their photographs,leaving their guests to mingle, eat and grab a beverage.

Spice up your cocktail hour and make your wedding day that much more memorable for your guests. Have VeeRonna plug in and amp up by using the high quality tracks recorded by her professional band. Whether you wish the cocktail hour to have a refined classical feel or if maybe you’re looking for something a little more playful. Specializing in Sonoran Jazz (with Latin influences), VeeRonna is able to strike that exact balance needed for an engaging and memorable cocktail experience.

It’s amazing what the right mood can do to improve a social atmosphere at your cocktail hour. You’ll find your guests become interactive and engaging–even with complete strangers.

Viva La Vida

Check out VeeRonna’s Electric Harp