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Wedding Contract

Deposit can be made via Venmo @veeronna, Zelle, PayPal, check, or credit card. This form is not a valid contract until the deposit is received and accepted.
To help you relax and enjoy your special day, I request the remaining balance due be paid 10 days prior to your wedding
  • Instrument(s) may not be placed directly on an unstable surface such as sand or wet grass. 5’by5’ covering such as dance floor, wood, or tile must be provided by client. 
  • Close paid parking will be covered by client.
  • When temperatures exceed 80 degrees, the instrument(s) must be completely shaded.
  • When temperatures drop below 65 degrees, a space heater must be provided for the musician(s).
  • The instruments cannot be exposed to rain, a mist system, or extreme weather conditions.    
  • If under any circumstances the musicians are unable to fulfill their contractual obligation, the fees paid shall be refunded or the musicians will do all that is reasonably possible to find a qualified substitute
  • I give Vharp permission to use any photos/videos from this event to promote Vharp. I understand that photos/videos may be used in print publications, websites, and social media. I understand that no royalty, fee, or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use.